BOUCHE LABS MODEL 5000C (Automated)


Bouche Labs Model 5000C Comparison-Accelerometer Calibration System automatically calibrates piezoelectric, piezoelectric I.E., piezoresistive accelerometers and velocity pickups using either Bouche Labs Model 1000A or 1000AD Primary Vibration Standard Shakers or other primary standard accelerometers. The calibrations performed are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The armatures in these shakers are made of beryllium to provide superior high frequency performance.

The standard accelerometer built into the armature has a resonance frequency exceeding 80 000 Hz. This accelerometer performance together with the beryllium armature provides accurate accelerometer sensitivity calibrations to 25 000 Hz and resonance frequency calibrations up to nearly 60 000 Hz. Velocity pickups are typically calibrated to 1 000 Hz.

The air-bearing feature of the shakers allows for accurate accelerometer calibrations at low frequency down to about 2 Hz with the Model 1000AD.

The 5000C software with graphics allows the operator to enter in customer associated data and toggle through a

pre-calibration checklist to assure proper setup and grounding. An added feature is the ability to use other primary standard accelerometers in comparison calibrations with the software.

The software sets the g level, performs voltage measurements, calculates the sensitivity of the test accelerometer or velocity pickup and displays the calibration sensitivities as the software proceeds. The calibration sensitivities are merged into a customized calibration certificate. If the operator selects the resonance search option a graph is printed and the actual resonance frequency of the test accelerometer is listed.


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