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Model No.


1000A Primary Vibration Standard-Shaker
1000AD Primary Vibration Standard-Shaker
1003 Vibration Modal Shaker
1113DT Vibration Standard Accelerometer with Reciprocity Calibration
1113DT Primary Vibration Standard Accelerometer
1113 High Sensitivity Piezoelectric Accelerometer
1113A Piezoelectric Accelerometer with Insulated Base
1113AT Industrial Grade Triaxial Accelerometer
1202 Piezoelectric Force Gage
1502A Power Amplifier for Shakers (250 watts)
2113F Precision Standard Charge Amplifier-Power Supply
2114F Precision Test Charge Amplifier-Power Supply
2121F General Purpose Charge Amplifier-Filter
2123 Dual Fixed Gain Charge Amplifier (10 & 100 mV/pC)
2124 Dual Fixed Gain charge Amplifier (0.1 & 1.0 mV/pC)
2125-XY Custom Gain Charge Amplifier (Gain Adjusted to XY Accelerometer)
2223 Strain Gage Bride Amplifier
4121 AC-Operated Power Supply (+15Vdc & -15 Vdc for Charge & Bridge Amplifiers)
4123 Power Supply (+5, +10 & +15 Vdc for Strain Gages)
5000C Comparison-Accelerometer Calibration System (Automated)
5000M Comparison-Accelerometer Calibration System (Manual)
5000CR Reciprocity-Accelerometer Calibration System (Automated)