Bouche Labs

720 North Ventura Road, Ste. 4, Port Hueneme, CA 93041

(805) 271-1000, FAX (805) 271-1001

Bouche Labs, established in 1974, is a manufacturer and calibration laboratory for shock and vibration instrumentation servicing aerospace, industrial, nuclear utilities and military applications in both government and the private sector.

Our technical director is Dr. Ray Bouche who had his first research experience at the National Bureau of Standards (renamed NIST), Endevco, and now his own laboratory. He performed the first reciprocity calibrations and established the calibration services for vibration instruments in all three organizations. In addition, Dr. Bouche is a designer of accelerometers, force gages, calibration shakers, etc.

Our laboratory specialty includes calibrating all types of piezoelectric, piezoresistive and other strain gage accelerometers including all manufacturers as well as those of Bouche Labs. The calibrations services also include velocity pickups, charge amplifiers, vibration monitor instruments and dynamic force gages. The turn around time for calibrations is five working days or less.

The principal product is the world's highest performance electrodynamic primary vibration standard shaker covering the range from 5 Hz to 50 kHz. Scores of meteorology laboratories around the world use this primary standard shaker for calibrating accelerometers and other vibration transducers. Other products include automated accelerometer calibration systems, accelerometers, power amplifiers, charge amplifiers, power supplies, accelerometer cables and accessories.

Customers number more than one hundred. View a partial listing of our customers.